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Bienvenue - bienvenido - welcome
...à tous les amis du polygone, de la photo et de l’anim, sur le site de Cédric NICOLAS...
...For all my polygons friends // ...A todos los amigos del polìgono sobre la pagina de Cédric NICOLAS

2018 : New life, new direction(s), new works : Illustration and Stories

It's on the box, and (almost) ready to be shown : I realise an old dream, work as a narrative and illustrator artist.

Menu : comics, illustrations, stories. Goal : work as an illustrator and/or writer, and build my own projects (Stories, comics, worlds...). I Mainly work on personals projects, but I had the chance also to work for NOVACONSO

It doesn't mean I will let down the CG-animation, it means I will gradually switch, and use my old experience as solid background! Soon, a new website, with all this new work. Meanwhile, this site is a bit updated (except the Demo reel, still from 2012).

-- My old demo reel (2012) 3D DEMO REEL.
-- PuppetSoul : My Rig/Animation plugin for Autodesk Maya
-- And I still work as a photographer!

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