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Last update : December 2010 (Soon the last work : 2011, 2012, but you still can see my last demo reel )

Warner Bros
Sparx Vietnam

April to October 2010

Character TD/Supervisor for a 3D serie for Warner Animation. In charge of human team, technical and artistical solutions, managing characters to bring animators and clients to the smile.


Wakfu, TV serie.

june 2009

Character setup for a TV serie. 2 characters have to exactly fit their animation. Animators have to control the blend. Technical challenge!.


Mikros, Delaposte.

Aptil 2009 to March 2010 :

Character animation, or Character TD for 4 differents projets. 2 for Mikros (Areva and Caisse d'Epargne) and 2 for Delaposte Paris.


Les gobelins : Teaching
and for animWorkshop.dk

Setup teacher from 2005 to now:
Gobelins : 1~3 motnhs every year. 2009 : From January to March.
animWorkshop Danemark : November 2008.
Others private schools .


Tarzan Projet
La petite reine

Sept. to october 2008.
Character setup, animation, rendering, modeling for a Christophe Gans project



Jan. to June 2008.
Tool supervisor and Character Setup for the facial animation system



Sept. to dec. 2007.
Character animator and TD for MIKROS. Advertise.


The missing Lynx KandorGraphics

March to June 2007.
Character animator for KandorGraphics, in Granda, Spain on The missing Lynx (film) and Cacique (ad)
Quota : ~12s of validate animation per week


Chez Eddy :

6 months in 2006.
Character TD, animator for Saupiquet, Bison Futé, Bic, Tele Z.



All the year 2005
Animation for a french TV serie
Quota : ~6s of validate animation per day.


Grand odissey:

3 months on 2004
Setup, FX for Sparx


Twice upon...:
Sparx, Disney .

All the year 2003.
Setup, animation, FX for Sparx.



5 months in 2002.
Modeling, Layout for DURAN. Film.



5 months in 2002.
Modeling, Lighting for Sparx.


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