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SETUP : Kermit BUILDER 0.35 alpha
Kermit Builder is an autoRigger. It's now a 0.35 alpha, that means that its not complete, but enough to show it.

The goal of this AutoRig is : It's modular. You can do WHAT YOU WANT: you tag joints, and place members (arms, spine etc...) where you want. It's easy to update, because its based on database to build UI.
In the setup of Kermit, THERE IS NO EXPRESSIONS!! only Nodes : really fast playback.

This is a little demonstration. Or clic here to see the video of the arm module.


1. Create the skeleton :

Create The skeleton to do WHAT YOU WANT, regardless to your mesh.

You plane to place 4 arms for a monster? Do it! And didnt place roll bones, only 'primary' bones.


2. Tag Joints.

Tag joints : select joint and say to kermit thats an arm, if its IK/FK or not, if there is a symmetry.

Do the same for the spine, etc.
Your joints are named and labeled in the scene..


3. Options and twist

Now read all memebr in the scene, and change options if you want : may be you want to add stretch to your arm, no?
Add also twist joints (roll bones)
Tweak joint placement if you want.


4. Generate skeleton.

Now Skin skeleton will be generate, with orientation and twist joints.

Skin them!!!

BUT if you want, you can tweak placement and rebuild it!


5. enjoy the setup a la Kermit!!

clic here to see the arm module created by kermit

Feature of this arm :
-Squash n strech
-perfect shoulder and hand twist
-smooth IK
-place the elbow where you want
-more... .

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