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Mel Scripting for Maya
This is some MEL scripts for Maya. Most of them are for setup works.
Clic on the images to download (if it's possible...)


Help for rig

Lot of features who are missing in maya : List connections, build NURBS shapes for animate, etc....

Download it HERE


SkinAssisst 1.0
skin helper

This script help you in the skin process with a copu/paste weight, avergae weight, etc...

Download it HERE


CamManager 2.0
NonLinearEditing in Maya

Usefull for Layout.
Manage Camera, and make a montage inside Maya. Change the cut after, create new camera, etc...

Download it HERE


MirrorMe 1.1
Auto mirror polygon

A script to help you in the modeling process : it automaticly mirror a mesh (what ever you have done before...)

Download it HERE


GlueCluster 1.0
Cluster AFTER mesh

A cluster who take place AFTER the skin...
He follow the deformation and add one more.
(Thanks to Carlo GIESA for the idea) .

Download it HERE


auto smooth

Smooth mesh with one button. Helpfull in modeling or setup preocess to test the work in one clic.

Download it HERE


More soon :

I have other scripts, but I work in the public release of them....
I work also on a automatic puppet builder. It's in alpha stage now.

wait and see...

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