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SETUP with Maya
I work often as a Rigger/Character TD. That's the process to buid virtual puppet. I usually work on Autodesk May.


Puppet Soul
Puppet Soul is a suite of tools for maya. It's already in use in Jakarta at the Lumine Studio.

The Goal is to be:
- Modular to use (put what you what every where)
- Modular to write (esay to update)
- Fast play back setup
- .. and modular to use!



Muppic 1.8
Character dynamic on joints

This script add dynamics on joint. It's design to use with characters, and easy to implemant at any moment of the setup. Simple collision detection, and bake/unbake option.
This script is only downloadable if you ASK ME,


MEL Scripting for Maya
Tools for Autodesk Maya

I Write often some mel script... most of the time for
Setup work process. Visit my section and download
some Script.

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